A Firefighter Accused Of Photographing Kobe Bryant’s Body Walked Out Of The Courtroom Multiple Times After Begging Vanessa Bryant’s Lawyer To “Stop Describing” The “Horrifying” Crash Scene

Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters accused of circulating photographs of Kobe Bryant’s body at the scene of his death have begun testifying in court. Jean-baptiste Lacroix / AFP via Getty Images The NBA legend’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in September 2020 over allegations that employees took and shared cellphone images […]

‘I Took A Leap Of Faith’: Texas College Student Adopts Baby He Found In Trash Can

A 27-year-old Texas student came to fatherhood in an astonishing way. In 2017, Jimmy Amisial discovered a screaming four-month-old infant lying in a trash bin in his home country of Haiti, where he was visiting. According to Mirror, Emilio Angel Jeremiah‘s body was overwhelmed. Other people stood around and refused to take immediate action. “Everyone was just staring at him — […]

Stanford University issues alert saying a woman reported being raped in a campus bathroom

A woman reported she was raped in a Stanford University bathroom, police said Wednesday in an alert to the prestigious Northern California campus. The attack unfolded at about 5 p.m. PT Tuesday by a “parking lot near Wilbur Hall,” the Stanford Department of Public Safely said in its schoolwide alert.  The victim “stated she was physically restrained (grabbed) and […]