Enhancing Community Safety: CCD Joins AAF and NVP for joint De-Escalation Training

In response to the rise in assaults and bias incidents in our beloved city, Community Capacity Developments (CCD) actively participated in a crucial initiative organized by the Asian American Federation (AAF) and Nonviolent Peaceforce (NVP). With a shared commitment to the safety and well-being of our community, the event, titled “Protecting Ourselves & Our Communities,” […]

A Season of Unity: CCD and Council Member Julie Won Spread Joy in Woodside and Astoria

As the holiday season approached, Community Capacity Development (CCD) embarked on a heartwarming collaboration with Council Member Julie Won and Woodside On The Move to bring the spirit of unity to the neighborhoods of Woodside and Astoria. This joint effort aimed not only to distribute Thanksgiving turkeys but also to foster a sense of unity and […]

The Safe Summer 2023 Initiative Against Gun Violence. Empowering Communities.

During the summer months, communities across multiple cities come together for a common cause — The Safe Summer 2023 initiative. This community-driven effort aims to prevent gun violence and foster safety and security within selected jurisdictions. Rooted in community leadership, this initiative is built on three fundamental guiding principles. 1. Strategic Planning: Our first guiding […]

Human Justice System Change Conference

Human Justice System Change Conference: Shaping the Future Together The Human Justice System Change Conference held at St. Francis College, organized by Community Capacity Development (CCD), was a transformative event that brought together passionate advocates, thought leaders, and community members. The conference featured four insightful panels that addressed critical issues in the justice system, ranging […]

Domestic Violence Awareness

Breaking the Silence: Uniting Against Domestic Violence CCD understands that domestic violence is a pervasive issue that haunts our society. As we come together to recognize the countless individuals trapped in its cycle, it’s essential to understand that domestic violence has no place in our world. We must stand united, speaking out, and extending our […]

New York Gun Violence Awareness Month Campaign

New York Gun Violence Awareness Month Campaign Announced By New York Mayors, Advocates, and Faith Leaders to Address Epidemic of Gun Violence in New York and Nationwide Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Human Justice Leader K. Bain, Anti-Gun Violence Advocate Linda Beigel Schulman led statewide call to kick off effort […]

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