Community Engagement & Data - Queens NY

Community Engagement & Data – January 2023

Measuring the social impact of our Human Justice and Healing programs is important for us to evaluate effectiveness and highlight how positive change continue to infiltrate more communities that we serve and improve more lives. A track record of success like ours also help to ensure resources committed have the right social impact and encourage […]

Community Engagement & Data - December 2022

Community Engagement & Data – December 2022

Our Programs and activities continue to impact positively in significantly reducing violent crimes in all of our primary precinct areas that we serve-69th, 70th and 114th precincts. We have been quite innovative and unique in our approach to Community violence prevention. We understand that the metrics for the success of violence intervention programs is not […]

Queens Borough President Ebony Young

Deputy Queens Borough President: Ebony Young

Ebony Young The work that we do specializes in results and testimonials continue to pour in from individuals and the community we serve. Responding to Mayor Adams Blueprint to End Gun violence, we continue to engage local leadership, community members and critical stakeholders by organizing Monthly Community Stakeholders meeting and the feedback from this dialogue […]