K Bain as Guest in Pharos Academy Podcast with Dr Travis Brown

Teach Jam: A Unique Urban Education Experience In the dynamic realm of urban education, where inspiration meets innovation, Teach Jam stands as a beacon of change. This year our Executive Director K Bain took part as a guest speaker on its podcast. K Bain, an influential figure in Human Justice, brings a wealth of experience […]

Human Justice System Change Conference

Human Justice System Change Conference: Shaping the Future Together The Human Justice System Change Conference held at St. Francis College, organized by Community Capacity Development (CCD), was a transformative event that brought together passionate advocates, thought leaders, and community members. The conference featured four insightful panels that addressed critical issues in the justice system, ranging […]

Unarmed Civilian Protection/Accompaniment International Gathering

Our Executive Director, K Bain was in Geneva, Switzerland representing CCD at the Unarmed Civilian Protection Accompaniment (UCP/A) International Gathering, the first global gathering of UCP/A practitioners, their community partners, researchers and allies.¬† Collaborating to advance the UCP/A Community of Practice by creating opportunities to grapple with shared issues, explore creative solutions, and build relationships […]

Domestic Violence Awareness

Breaking the Silence: Uniting Against Domestic Violence CCD understands that domestic violence is a pervasive issue that haunts our society. As we come together to recognize the countless individuals trapped in its cycle, it’s essential to understand that domestic violence has no place in our world. We must stand united, speaking out, and extending our […]