1. CCD Human Justice Training Curriculum

Establish a training and curriculum that not only utilizes the evidence-based Cure Violence model, but expands its scope to include wrap-around services, preventative measures and healing justice to create a comprehensive model of community led public safety. This training will not only provide certification but will help credible messengers nationally and globally to adopt this approach.

2. CCD Diplomacy Training Curriculum

Diplomacy is the core skillset required of the CCD Community Liason position. Degree and certification courses in Diplomacy are taught at by governmental and non-governmental agencies, and at college and universities around the world. The CCD Diplomacy Training Curriculum is designed to provide key elements of Diplomacy to prepare the Community Liason to excel in this position.

3. CCD SGP Training Curriculum

This training curriculum is designed to train individuals to apply and adapt the Sustainable Growth Plan (SGP) Framework for their own organizational missions and community health. The evidence-based SGP Framework is supported by research findings from across the social-behavioral sciences, public health, and education disciplines (See Appendix A). This curriculum is comprised of learning activities designed to engage the participant in the three SGP core areas:

  1. Aspiration Mapping
  2. Bridge Building
  3. Content Management

Workshop (1 Day): Participants are engaged in a full day (morning and afternoon sessions) of interactive training exercises.

Mini-Course (3 Day): Participants are engaged in two full days of extended training exercises and a day of on-site activities with community stakeholders

Practicum (5 Day): Participants are engaged in three full days of comprehensive training exercises, guest lectures and case studies plus 2 full days of on-site activities and guided demonstrations with community stakeholders.