The Intergenerational Wealth Program (IWP) is established to improve the depletion of wealth and lack of access to capital that black and brown communities have endured, specifically a program self-actualized by the young people of Queensbridge. IWP, launched on December 23rd, 2020, is therefore an initiative that aims to bring an influx of capital into black and brown communities and foster a culture of entrepreneurship within neighborhoods of more color.

CCD has since opened dozens of bank accounts for youth in Queensbridge, to begin their credit history and invest in their savings for longevity during this launch.


Operation Freedom provides a meticulous, step-by-step “greenprint” to build the internal and external structure of your organization, detailed in a handbook created by Community Capacity Development (CCD). This handbook provides technical assistance and strategies for cultivating an operation of your own ambition and cultural fulfillment.


Introducing community members to the fundamentals of fiscal planning and management and providing them with specific guidance on how to establish a reliable flow of funds from multiple sources which may include funds from local, state and federal government sources, foundations, tax levy contributions from elected officials and revenue from income generating activities. It will focus on diversifying an organization’s financial portfolio and acquiring discretionary or unrestricted income to use for building organizational infrastructure and staff capacity through ongoing professional development, coaching, and specialized training in management, finance, budget planning and program planning.


Building a thriving business takes focused determination and a strategic planning. This training provides extensive knowledge on how the leadership of an organization can create and foster a positive, dignified, fair and respectful work environment, where the mission, objectives and responsibilities are understood by all staff. It will review how consistent enforcement of transparent policies and procedure creates order and predictability while increasing staff performance and excellence in service delivery. We review and analyze specific case studies involving personnel management issues in the workplace. It will examine creative, yet effective supervisory skills and knowledge of human resource policies and practices that are grounded in compliance with legal statute and precedent. This training will introduce participants to New York’s human rights regulations, workers compensation and selected labor laws related to job descriptions and levels of employee and supervisory responsibility.


The “TA “ initiative is committed to teaching entrepreneurs step-by-step how to grow technology startups. The curriculum is premised upon Silicon Valley’s best practices. Our Startup courses challenges entrepreneurs to test their entrepreneurial vision before investing enormous hours building non-validated business models. Our courses provide new founders with Lean Startup best practice strategies. The courses provide a detailed step-by-step roadmap to building a winning startup from idea stage to product launch. Our course guide serves as a how-to-startup manual for the 21st Century entrepreneurship.