Eric Adams Declares Himself As New York’s First “Hip-Hop Mayor”

Eric Adams Declares Himself As New York’s First “Hip-Hop Mayor”

By Alexander Cole | Aug 05, 2022

Eric Adams has had an interesting start to his Mayoral tenure.

Ever since becoming mayor of New York City, Eric Adams has become quite the polarizing figure. A lot of this has to do with the fact that he has had some interesting opinions about hip-hop. For instance, Adams tried to make the claim that Drill music was a problem in the city and that platforms like YouTube should be taking down drill music videos.

These comments led to plenty of outrage and Adams’ favorability immediately took a massive hit. In more recent times, however, Adams has sought to embrace hip-hop. He has been seen partying with the likes of French Montana, and now, he seems to be getting more endorsements from the genre, than he did before.

Recently, at a press conference, Adams announced a $5.5 million investment in the Universal Hip-Hop Museum which is being erected in the South Bronx. Adams went on to say that this is an important investment to make as hip-hop is synonymous with the city of New York.

Adams also went on to make a pretty interesting statement, as he claimed that he is the first New York mayor to embrace the genre. “First time in New York City history, we have a Hip Hop mayor,” he said.


These are comments that may draw some eye-rolls especially given his comments about drill. Regardless, the city is investing in hip-hop related funds, which is a step in the right direction.

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