Message From Executive Director K.Bain


Celebrating Women Who Tell our stories. Community Capacity Development celebrates Women’s History Month with the Women Who
tell Our Stories. This year presents another opportunity to highlight the selfless contributions of women who have been active in storytelling, Art and media through several formats such as stage, print, television, podcast and many more. CCD further calls public attention to the achievements and challenges faced by African American women in leadership positions, actively influencing change and the course of history in the United States and globally.

Historically, for example, Ida B. Wells, the courageous anti-lynching crusader, paved the way for generations of Black elected officials, social activists and community leaders in the battle for racial and ender equality. We acknowledge quintessential African American female writers like Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Bell Hooks, Amanda Gorman and others. They turned to writing as a creative outlet for cultural and social revolution while documenting the resilience of Black women challenging systemic inequity to advance Human Justice.

In this vein, we honor the remarkable works of abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Sojourner Truth. Truth dedicated her life fighting for an equitable society for African Americans, and radically from that
day, equality for women. The legacy of leaders like Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, and countless unsung African American women leaders, became the springboard for future generations of women, and men, who derived a wellspring of inspiration to confront systemic marginalization of women.
CCD’s launching of the Human Justice Network is a continuation of our commitment to celebrate notable African -American sheroes who sacrificed everything to challenge systemic oppression while engaging in family and community building. In this noble tradition, CCD salute our colleagues and community advocates: Romania Dukes, Connie
Rhodes, Marla Bellamy, Dr. Liza Chowdhury and Judge Lourdes Ventura. We recently celebrated these freedom fighters in recognition of and awarding their decades-long contributions of uplifting Black, Brown and indigenous communities in New York City across the country.

In this continuum, we recognize that the election of Vice President Kamala Harris provides a beacon of hope and inspiration as Black women break barriers of segregation and patriarchy. President Biden’s historic appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to occupy a seat at the United States Supreme Court is a powerful and symbolic achievement for a Black woman breaking the glass ceiling, paving the way for generations to follow.

As the architect of the Human Justice Network, we call upon all people of good will to actively challenge all forms of systemic stereotyping and oppression of women. We call for the uprooting of all structural
barriers that hinders the advancement of all women, especially Black and Brown women, who are among the most marginalized and exploited people in society.

We, at Community Capacity Development, will continue to dedicate our efforts to showcase the achievements and promote the leadership of Black women who tell our stories. We continue to speak empowering words to our women, our daughters, granddaughters and all those within our sphere of influence, because empowered women, empower women.



Gabriel Comrie