Human Justice in action highlights Trahern Polland

CCD Personality of the Month

In this edition of our newsletter, we put a spotlight on Trahern Polland, Founder & Executive Director of We Push Peace Forward based in Minneapolis. The strategy deployed by Trahern in his neighborhood is by creating a Pathway to bridge a cohesive gap through education, mentorship and creating opportunities for the systemically disadvantaged in the neighborhood.
By partnering with local business owners, he has built a successful community Safety eco – system to change the dynamics in which people think about community engagement, relationship and opportunity. Trahern has used the community led strategy of We push forward to attract the support of elected officials in Minneapolis, from the Governor on Minnesota, Mayor of Minneapolis Police Chiefs and other stakeholders, to pay attention to issues of Human Justice as an effective intervention model for Community led public safety. Trahern and We Push Forward are in partnership collaboration with CCD as the Human Justice Network continue its national and global outreach building legacy of support for Black and Brown communities with high levels of concentrated disadvantage and disinvestment.
Community Capacity Development extends the emblem of “The great Salute” of Human Justice Network to Trahern Polland for his relentless commitment to making a difference in the lives of our youth and the community.




Gabriel Comrie