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Help us get ahead of public safety with SAFE SUMMER ’23 and build the culture of Peace, love, respect and safety for our community.

Safe Summer 2023 is fast approaching. Safe summer is exactly what it reads. As we spring forward into

the hot season of summer, the rate of gun violence begins to rise as youth, adults, families and community
begin to engage in outdoor and recreational activities.
Safe summer 2023 is developed to address gun violence before it happens. We need to be proactive to
ensure the safest summer possible.

We need your help to raise $1,000,000 to usher in Safe Summer 2023 in all the Five Boroughs of New
York city and selected jurisdictions across the country. At Community Capacity Development, our team works relentlessly to stop the epidemic of gun violence and ensure peace and safer communities. Our community led strategy is rooted in a 3-pronged approach:

 Our team of violence Intervention and Mediation specialists continue to work day and night in high-risk
communities to de-escalate violence through constant engagement in mediation services with the youth
and adults alike. Because, we have a mission to save lives and build our communities, we develop
programs which includes, Physical fitness, Arts, Financial Literacy, Music, and the Sustainable Growth

This safe summer 2023 we are extending a Human Justice Transitional/reentry support services to
formerly incarcerated individuals. Our team will work with the individuals on the day of release to
immediately secure housing, food and personal clothing to ensure peaceful reunion into the community.
Our team of mental health experts are also part of safe summer 2023 and they will be readily available for
emotional support to individuals with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. CCD has
built a robust SGP transitional program to train and recruit young men who are caught up in the criminal
justice system.

We want to do even More…

At CCD, we serve some of New York’s most vulnerable and volatile neighborhood with history of gun
violence. We have successfully achieved crime reductions of between 40% and 60% in three precincts in
New York City. The success recorded in the previous editions of safe summer in 2021 and year 2022 has
inspired national recognition and the call from our national partners to extend Safe Summer 2023 to other
cities across the country has become imperative. We need your support to ensure a safe summer for ourfamilies, communities and neighborhood and to ensure that resources get into the hands of those directly impacted in our communities.

Would you help us raise $1,000,000 to fund and expand this public safety effort?

Your Tax-Deductible contribution of any amount will help support:

• Recruitment of 30 additional credible messengers and violence interruption specialists
• Human Justice and Healing training to increase capacity in dealing with trauma and mental health
support services.
• Support for our Summer Youth Employment program to provide jobs for 2,000 youth to bridge
the gap between poverty and violence in the summer season.
• Creating Safe space for emotional support through sports activities, Live music, Arts, Physical fitness & games.
• Conflict mediation, Diplomacy and Sustainable Development training.

By your donation, you are supporting our Safe summer ’23 programs and activities which we have
deployed over the years to proactively stem the epidemic of gun violence. It is an opportunity to help
tackle the systemic causes of violence and an avenue for investment in Community led public safety.
At a time when much divides us as a nation, lets come together around a noble ideal we all want:


Everyone should be able to live, work and play in their community free from the fear of violence. Join us
for Safe Summer ’23. Please donate and share this page with your network today.
Bringing Safe Summer ’23 to Queensbridge

We have been able to ensure 365 days without shooting in Queensbridge Houses. This is the largest Public Housing Development in the United States;

Safe Summer ’23 in The Bronx
Safe Summer ’23 in Staten Island
Safe Summer ’23 in Manhattan
Safe Summer ’23 in Brooklyn
Safe Summer 23 in Queens

We bring together all our Human Justice partners, local business owners to partners with us for safe
Summer ’23 in all the five Boroughs of New York and across selected major cities in the country.

Please join us for SAFE SUMMER ’23 in 16 Major cities