Tyre Nichols (Message from K Bain)

Tyre Nichols (Message from K Bain)

Message from Executive Director K. Bain

Americans mourn once again as we watch the horrific videos of five police officers brutalizes Tyre Nichols, a 29 years old black man to death in Memphis. The bestiality of this Killing is condemnable, inhuman and a violation of the sanctity of human life.  
We at Community Capacity Development condemn this heinous act of police brutality. It is
unconscionable, despicable and evil and must be condemned by all men of good conscience. Our heart goes to the family of Tyre Nichols and we respect their rights to seek justice for this brutal and violent killing.
The shocking regularity of the killing of Black people in hands of law enforcement officers suggests that nothing substantive has really changed to stem the violence of Police brutality. From Eric Garner, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other numerous Black victims of Police killings, this latest death of Tyre Nichols indicates an appalling lack of respect for the lives of Blacks people by law enforcement officers. Tyre was beaten to death by officers of the law trained and paid to serve and protect, but the videos of this brutality reveal the disdain of five egocentric law enforcement officers on a mission to
dominate and sniff life out of another Black man.
We use this medium to reaffirm an urgent call for a comprehensive investigation into this killing and all the officers responsible must be held accountable for their crimes. This institutionalized police culture that allows such impunity on Black and Brown people to continue to bear the brunt of Police brutality is unacceptable. We must continue to strengthen legislations on police reforms, specifically an overhaul of law enforcement recruitment process, to assess the mental health of those recruited into law
enforcement. This country can and must have, not a Criminal Justice System, but a Human Justice system that protects public safety and upholds our founding ideals of equal treatment under the law.

Today we mourn in sadness and outrage, but today we mobilize around strengthening our families, our communities standing on the virtues of Human Justice.


Sunday B. Iwayemi