Our Approach::


CCD employs an asset-based capacity development strategy, offering a wide array of programs and services that provide technical assistance, capacity building, and professional development opportunities for individuals and corporations. Founded by Executive Director K. Bain, our mission is firmly rooted in empowering Black and Brown individuals while simultaneously dismantling the systemic structures that have historically hindered these communities from thriving.



CCD Activations::


• NYC Human Justice March: An annual event held in partnership with NYC Public Advocate, the Mayor's office of Criminal Justice, and community violence intervention groups. This event unites thousands in the pursuit of human justice, emphasizing equity, freedom, and equality.
• The Human Justice Gala: An exclusive event that recognizes community leaders committed to establishing racially equitable realities in historically disenfranchised communities. Funds generated from this gala directly support CCD's mission.
• Safe Summer Initiative: A network dedicated to promoting people-powered public safety through collaboration and community engagement. It has expanded to 27 cities and involves 130 organizations.



K. Bain Literary Endeavor:


• How To Stop Gun Violence - The Human Justice Guide": K. Bain, a global advocate in human justice, provides invaluable insights for developing community-driven public safety strategies. Importantly, all proceeds from this book contribute to charitable causes.



CCD Training Guide::


Our comprehensive training equips CCD's Human Justice Ambassadors with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively support community empowerment, facilitate system change, and drive individual transformation.



Join Us for Change::


We extend an invitation to partner with us, support our cause, and contribute to our efforts.
Together, we can collaboratively build a more equitable and just world.



Who We Are::


Community Capacity Development (CCD) Worldwide:

Empowering Communities for a Just Future

CCD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering growth and healing in historically disenfranchised communities grappling with issues like gun violence, food injustice, mass incarceration, substandard housing, and inadequate education options. Our primary objective is the complete eradication of gun violence by providing essential support and resources to Black and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals.




The Human Healing and Justice Model has contributed to a 15-percent decline in shootings in the 17 highest violence precincts in New York City in 2021, continuing to be the most effective framework for achieving justice, safety and the well-being of communities as it advances. Click below to learn more about our training programs we offer.

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