K Bain speaks to the crowd at the Human Justice March accompanied by Jumaane Williams, Antonio Reynoso; BRooklyn Borough President, Reverend Daughtry and Council member Crystal Hudson

Reflecting on the 3rd Annual Human Justice March: “Breaking Chains, Building Bridges”

On October 9th, 2023, the eve of Indigenous People’s Day, communities gathered in unity to take part in the visionary event, the Human Justice March. Under the theme “Breaking Chains, Building Bridges,” this transformative initiative sought to establish a theoretical framework for communities, paving the way for Human Justice, Public Safety, and prosperity to flourish from within.


The conceptual foundation of the Human Justice March is not merely an abstract idea; it is a potent catalyst for change. At its core, the movement advocates for the fundamental right of every individual to inhabit healthy, thriving communities where safety is not a luxury but a priority. It aims to create an environment where every person can unfold their full human potential.


Recognizing that true human development goes beyond safeguarding basic rights, the march emphasized the importance of providing equal access to opportunities and resources. It acknowledged the collective willpower necessary for everyone to flourish, establishing the belief that a community’s strength lies in its ability to uplift each member.


The Human Justice March served as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about these critical issues. Participants from diverse backgrounds joined forces, contributing to the creation of a future where justice, safety, and prosperity are not just lofty ideals but tangible realities for all. The march was a symbolic manifestation of the shared commitment to envisioning and actively working towards a world where every individual can thrive.


The call to action was clear: be part of the change. The 3rd Annual Human Justice March in 2023 provided a platform for individuals to actively make a difference. Participants were not just spectators but contributors to a movement that sought to redefine the narrative of justice and prosperity.


As we reflect on the 3rd Annual Human Justice March, we celebrate the strides made in fostering community. “Breaking Chains, Building Bridges” wasn’t just a theme; it was a call to arms. The march marked a pivotal moment in the collective journey towards a future where justice, safety, and prosperity are not just aspirations but the bedrock of our communities. The echoes of the march continue to resonate, reminding us of the power within communities to shape a world where every person can thrive.


Gabriel Comrie