CCD - Community engagement and Data

December 2022 Engagement Data

The Human Justice operational goal is to save lives and promote safe neighborhoods through anti-gun violence initiatives and community led public safety. Our community led strategy is evidence based and data driven as we continue to receive landmark success in all our established
sites in Staten Island, Queensbridge, Canarsie, Harlem, Astoria and Woodside:

• Staff Completed 110 Mediations (4 sites) (Avg 25 Per site)
• 300 Hours of Canvassing across the 4 sites (75 per site)
• 106 Interruptions completed by (OW)
• 66 Interruptions completed by (VI)
• 87 Interruptions completed by supervisor/program manager
• 220 Participants (Total for 4 sites with QB having the most participants)/ • Canarsie has 9 new potential participants
• 56 Referrals (includes: -OSHA Training, Resume Building, Legal Assistance, Court Appearances, Job Placements, Trade school, mental health services, AAA) (Inclusive of all Sites) Shootings:

Monthly numbers and yearly numbers to compare impact and engagement

• Queensbridge 91 Consecutive days of no shootings (date of last shooting 10/10/2022)
• Woodside 161 Consecutive days of shootings (8/2/2022)
• Astoria 87 days of no shootings (date of last shooting was 8/5/2022)
• Canarsie 97 consecutive days of no shootings (7/30/2022)

Human Justice March and Human Justice System Change Conference Recap

On October 10 th 2022 Community Capacity Development just completed their 2nd annually Human Justice March and 1 st annual Human Justice Systems Change Conference

• The Human Justice March was able to attract (3500) Marchers. Organizations (300) invited nationwide

• (127) Black Mayors from across the country were notified and gave their support and recognized the Human Justice March impact and importance.

• The Human Justice March was able to gain support and attention of elected officials such as (Jumaane Williams, Chuck Schumer, Brad Lander, Julie Won, Tiffany Caban, Crystal Hudson, Antonio Reynosa, Mayor Eric Adams, QBP Donovan Richards Jr, Adrienne Adams)

• In the department of city-wide collaboration (60+) CMS Sites invites were made. CMS Sites that attended were (Man-Up, Elite Learners, BIVO, DRUM, SOS /SNUG/SNUG Poughkeepsie, Prize Possessions, LifeCamp, RTG, Rock Safe Streets, Penn Perry, Queens Royal Priesthood, Both Side of Violence, True2 Life, God Gives Blessing, True 2 Life, Father’s Alive in the Hood/GOD Squad)

• The Human Justice March was able to attract national partners such as (Atlanta, Baltimore, MD., Bull City United, Miami, Paterson, NJ., Philadelphia PA) Hope Hustlers Regional (Poughkeepsie.

• The Human Justice March received International Partnership participation with Non- Violent PeaceForce, a Geneva based Non-profit organization.

• The Human Justice March was able to create and leverage Media Outlet interviews with (ABC TV NY One/Spectrum TV/Hot 97 Radio/. Fox 5/Channel 12 Amsterdam News 1010 Wins/Radio Talk Show Hosts in Philadelphia Nick Taliaferro on WURD)

• The Human Justice March was able to get Support Sponsors from (DOHMH/RIIS Neighborhood Safety/Urban Upbound/We All One Hood/Mecca’s Kitchen Asian American Federation – Panorama Global – Kaufman Astoria Studios)

• The Human Justice System Change conference created a working partnership with LIU

• The Human Justice System Change conference was, a 6 hour event and covered 3 specific areas (Legislative and policy, Family Law, Technology and Innovation)

• The Human Justice System Change conference will produce a report of best practices and strategy that were developed during each panel session.

• The Human Justice System Change panels ran for 1 hour and 30 mins and engaged 75 people per panel discussion

• Over 200 youth participated from elementary, middle, high school and college in the Human Justice March (For example: Ember CS, PS 111, Youth Builders, Brooklyn United, Columbia University Center for Justice)

• Over 100 organizations participated in the Human Justice March (For example: Guns For Grants, RISE, Urban Upbound, Youth Justice Organization, Legal Aid, Queens Defenders, Elmcor, Court Innovation, ActivePlus Inc., Reimagining Justice, Floating Hospital, Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), Amazon, Soulful Synergy, Freedom Agenda, America Works, Tenants Associations Presidents, and more)

• Over 50 volunteers from across the city committed to the Human Justice March providing services


Sunday B. Iwayemi