Jumaane Williams NYC Public Advocate speaks at the Human Justice System Change Conference

Human Justice System Change Conference 2023

Human Justice System Change Conference: Shaping the Future Together

The Human Justice System Change Conference held at St. Francis College, organized by Community Capacity Development (CCD), was a transformative event that brought together passionate advocates, thought leaders, and community members. The conference featured four insightful panels that addressed critical issues in the justice system, ranging from advocacy and education to family law, technological innovation and arts and culture.


Legislation and Policy


The first panel set the tone for the conference by highlighting the importance of grassroots advocacy and community involvement in justice reform. Speakers, including Dr. Joseph Wilson, Germain Thompson, and Solomon Acevedo, shared their experiences in advocating for change. Emphasizing the school-to-prison pipeline, the panelists stressed the need for alternative education programs and community engagement. The call to actively engage in the system and hold elected officials accountable resonated as a powerful way to drive positive change.


Family Justice


The Family Justice panel, in collaboration with Claudio and Associates, delved into the profound impact of incarceration on individuals, families, and communities. Desiree Claudio, Natalie Rios, and Aneesa Osborne underscored the importance of solidarity, legal representation reflecting diverse backgrounds, and understanding one’s rights. The discussion highlighted the need for self-education, particularly for people of color, to navigate the complexities of the justice system effectively.


Technology and Innovation


The third panel explored the role of Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement, a timely and critical topic in today’s evolving landscape. Thought leaders Swalé Nunes and Aikido Sticatto engaged in a contentious yet essential debate on the implications of AI in policing. The conference aimed to foster an open environment where diverse perspectives on this complex issue could be shared, contributing to a well-informed community about the latest technological advancements and their potential consequences.


Arts and Culture


The concluding panel featured esteemed guests Ashanti Baptiste (@legalaidnyc), Mysonne (@mysonnenygeneral) and Ron Mills (@siriusxmmills), who brought deep, intriguing, and insightful perspectives to the arts and culture discussion. The conversation centered around the shared responsibility of shaping the lives of our youth and the importance of embracing and guiding them toward a positive and fulfilling journey. The panel highlighted the role of the community in making a lasting impact on the lives of the youth and fostering a sense of unity.


The Human Justice System Change Conference at St. Francis College proved to be a dynamic platform for fostering understanding, dialogue, and community engagement. Each panel contributed to a comprehensive discussion on different facets of the justice system, reinforcing the idea that positive change requires collaboration, education, and a commitment to justice. As attendees left the conference, they carried with them not only new insights but also a shared commitment to shaping a more just and equitable future.


Gabriel Comrie