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Thanks Taking: Whitewashing a Violent Holiday

In the midst of the Whitewashing a Violent Holiday and Using a false Narrative to Drive Capitalism, Community Capacity Development acknowledge and celebrate the legacy of Native Americans, the historical and contemporary resistance efforts to colonization.
In the spirit of national revival, thanksgiving should be celebrated as a day of atonement and mourning. It should be dedicated to celebrating the resilience, history and culture of native Americans heroes past and present to evoke a yearly ritual of national healing. Families can come together to break and jointly reflect on the historic tragedy and declare that never again shall the locusts visit our farmsteads.

Let’s use this year thanksgiving as a season of our enlightenment and liberate our minds from the deceit of modern social programming of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has been used as a tool for false narrative to propel capitalism and corporate greed. When tragedy occurs in western society, we are encouraged to unwind by going shopping and we are being programmed as obedient
consumers. We must begin to use this thanksgiving to raise our collective consciousness and build a Human Justice infrastructure fighting for equity and justice for all.

In the spirit of Human Justice, Happy Thanks Taking.


K.Bain – Founder & Executive Director



Gabriel Comrie