Bruce Bryan and Queens Defenders meeting of the minds. A Commitment to Justice Reform.

At CCD, our mission is to empower and cultivate communities and individuals dedicated to enhancing people-powered public safety. We believe in working collaboratively to address systemic issues and bring about positive change.

Recently, we had the honor of hosting Rashad Ruhani from Queens Defenders and Bruce Bryan at our offices. Together, we engaged in meaningful discussions about ways to collaborate and shine a light on the injustices within the carceral system.

Queens Defenders are a group of attorneys and legal experts known for their strategic approach and unwavering commitment to clients who are most in need and face the greatest challenges. 

Bruce Bryan’s story is one of resilience and advocacy. After spending three decades in prison for a crime he did not commit, Bruce maintained a positive attitude and used his time for reflection and education. Through his journey, he became a powerful advocate for criminal justice reform, shedding light on the flaws within the system that led to his unjust incarceration.

At CCD, we are inspired by individuals like Rashad Ruhani and Bruce Bryan who are dedicated to creating a more just and equitable society. By working together and amplifying their voices, we can continue to strive towards a future where public safety is truly people-powered.

Join us in our commitment to empowering communities and individuals, and together, let’s build a safer and more just world for all.


Gabriel Comrie