A Spotlight on Community Empowerment: Byron Pitts Interviews CCD’s Executive Director K Bain

CCD and K. Bain, were highlighted on an ABC News Nightline Special for their dedicated efforts in addressing gun violence and advocating for community-led public safety. CCD, through its Human Justice infrastructure, has successfully provided access to resources and support services for individuals and families in systemically disinvested communities, exemplified by their impactful work in Queensbridge Houses, where they achieved well over 365 days without a shooting incident.


Also featured was Operation Good, a community-based organization, from Jackson Mississippi, that focuses on various initiatives such as reducing violent incidents, providing economic solutions, mentoring high-risk populations, and supporting the community in times of crisis. Their concept of creating a ripple effect of love and unity has resulted in significant reductions in violent crimes in neighborhoods they serve.


We were honored to also be on the same segment with Operation Respond, an initiative led by our brother Dante Johnson, that offers immediate relief to communities affected by gun violence through a mobile crisis management intervention strategy. With a commitment to improving access to education, workforce, health, and wellness opportunities, Operation Respond has made a meaningful impact on communities in Baltimore and Washington D.C.


We applaud the efforts of Byron Pitts and ABC to try to tell our story, but we understand that in a limited amount of time, it is not possible. But we need to also be able to tell our own story and let the world know that much of the work in reducing the violence in high risk neighborhood os directly connected to violence intervention programs that are funded properly and that have the correct support. 


Operation GOOD and Operation Respond both agreed that we are the ones helping reduce violence and not the police departments. When you have members of the community engaged in providing dignifying sercives to those most in need, then you can understand that this is the best way to systematically eradicate gun violence in our communities. 


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Gabriel Comrie