K Bain and Dr Travis Brown, speaking about Human Justice and the education system.

K Bain as Guest in Pharos Academy Podcast with Dr Travis Brown

Teach Jam: A Unique Urban Education Experience

In the dynamic realm of urban education, where inspiration meets innovation, Teach Jam stands as a beacon of change. This year our Executive Director K Bain took part as a guest speaker on its podcast.


K Bain, an influential figure in Human Justice, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering communities to the forefront. K Bain shared insights, stories, and strategies that resonate with urban communities who are committed to making a difference in the lives of students of color.


Teach Jam isn’t your average teacher conference—it’s a transformative journey, an urban education extravaganza like no other. Imagine a space where professional development, inspiration, and training converge in an atmosphere reminiscent of an HBCU homecoming. Teach Jam is not just an event; it’s the Homecoming of Teacher Professional Development, a celebration of educators who are making a real impact in the lives of students.

For the first time, urban educators will be treated to a holistic experience that goes beyond traditional conferences. Teach Jam is breaking barriers and creating an environment that fosters collaboration, community, and celebration.


Teach Jam is not just an event—it’s a movement. It’s a call to action for educators who are passionate about urban education and who believe in the power of collaboration, inspiration, and professional growth. Teach Jam, where the spirit of a homecoming meets the drive for excellence in urban education. 


Gabriel Comrie