Community Engagement and Data

In the face of challenges, 2023 proved to be a year of triumphs for Community Capacity Development (CCD). The accomplishments of the CCD team exceeded expectations, marking a year of unprecedented growth and global recognition. For the month of November we organized and participated in Community Responses in Astoria, Queensbridge and Woodside making sure our message on non-violence reaches the community.


CCD’s influence continues to expand nationally and internationally, solidifying its presence. Collaborative partnerships, reached new heights, with services extending to over 26 cities across the nation. The team cultivated relationships with more than 130 national partners, creating a robust network dedicated to positive community development.

International Participation:

Our Executive Director, K Bain played a pivotal role internationally, serving as a keynote speaker in prominent hubs like Dubai, Geneva, London, and Paris. Closer to home, audiences in significant American cities such as Los Angeles, Selma, Alabama, Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN, and NYC were inspired by our ED’s inspirational presentations.

Local Empowerment:

CCD’s commitment to community empowerment manifested through the expansion of Operation Freedom within NYC. The dedicated CCD staff invested over 2,000 hours, conducting 300 mediations that significantly impacted the neighborhoods they served.

Personal Milestones and Recognition:

Individual team members achieved personal milestones, from graduations to financial investments and professional development training. The demand for Human Justice Training soared both in NYC and nationally, showcasing the effectiveness of CCD’s programs. Our ED received well-deserved recognition and awards from multiple organizations, solidifying CCD’s reputation as a leader in community development.

Youth Builders Program:

CCD’s commitment to nurturing future leaders was evident in the success of the Youth Builders program. Participants not only had the privilege of participating in the March on Washington but also witnessed one of their own being recognized and awarded for an entrepreneurial idea. This program stands as a testament to CCD’s dedication of fostering positive change among the next generation.

As CCD continues to evolve and grow, its commitment to community development remains steadfast, leaving an indelible mark on the communities it serves.

Community Capacity Development Community Engagement Data November 2023


Gabriel Comrie