Public Safety March – CCD

Call to action

Our team took active part joining a “call to action” to march for True Safety and Accountability making passionate demands for Human Justice and investment in the youth and the vulnerable in the community. Marching from Brooklyn Borough Hall, across the Brooklyn Bridge down to city Hall Park, it was an opportunity for the young people to get their voices heard on issues of public safety which directly affects the youth demographics. The Youth used the opportunity to mobilize the community, local leaders, parents and activists, educate them to hold elected officials accountable for their actions or lack of actions, to demand that they prioritize the safety and well-being of their youth and the community. As Human Justice Advocates, our team provides leadership in promoting positive change through rallies and marches, sparking conversations, creating awareness and inspiring action. We continue to generate momentum for policy change and other initiatives aimed at improving Human Justice and Public safety.



Gabriel Comrie