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Safe Summer 2022

The Safe Summer 2022 was a huge success base off of the remarkable impact of the previous year activities. Safe Summer is a multi-city, community led public safety initiative developed by CCD to address gun violence before it happens. Working with all Human Justice partners, local violence prevention organizations, elected officials and community leaders, our collective goal is to ensure the safest summer possible within selected jurisdiction. The beauty of the 2022 Safe summer is the national outlook with extension to 16 jurisdictions across the country. 

The Community Led Strategy Adhere To:

Strategic Planning: By working closely with neighborhood and community stakeholders to identify hotspots and upcoming events in order to strategically design preventive peacekeeping efforts that stop violence before it occurs within historically marginalized communities suffering from gun violence.

Cross Collaboration: To lead a cross coordination strategy that combines CVI organizations, business owners, community leaders and city agencies that deploys resources to address the scourge of gun violence.

Community Engagement: Our goal is to strengthen and ensure an increase in volunteers with specific skill set.


Gabriel Comrie