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Day of Remembrance: Standing Together Against Gun Violence

Community Capacity Development (CCD) had the honor of participating in the second annual Day of Remembrance for gun-related homicide victims in New York City. This solemn occasion brought communities together in solidarity, not just across the nation but internationally, with London joining for the first time this year.


The impact of gun violence reverberates far beyond statistics; it tears through the very fabric of our society, leaving behind shattered families and communities. It’s a crisis that knows no bounds, affecting people of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. However, its effects are often felt most acutely in marginalized communities.


Gun violence has exacted an unimaginable toll on lives over the past year. While this issue is not unique to our city, the pain cuts deeper when it strikes close to home—when it is our communities, our friends, and our families who bear the brunt of this senseless violence.


Particularly alarming is the disproportionate impact of gun violence on Black men in our cities. Systemic inequalities, historical injustices, and lack of access to resources have created an environment where violence thrives, claiming far too many lives and leaving families grappling with grief and trauma.


As we gather to remember and honor those lost to gun violence, we must also renew our commitment to addressing its root causes. This includes investing in community-based violence prevention programs, youth programs and addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate cycles of violence and despair.


But beyond policy changes, we must also work to foster a culture of empathy, compassion, and understanding. We must recognize the humanity in every individual and strive to build communities where violence is not the norm, but rather the exception. It is only by standing together, across communities and borders, that we can hope to create a future where every life is valued and every individual can live without fear of senseless violence.


In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 


Let us honor the memory of those we have lost by working tirelessly to build a more just and peaceful world for all.


Together, we can make a difference.


In solidarity,

The CCD Team


Gabriel Comrie