Stanford University issues alert saying a woman reported being raped in a campus bathroom

A woman reported she was raped in a Stanford University bathroom, police said Wednesday in an alert to the prestigious Northern California campus.

The attack unfolded at about 5 p.m. PT Tuesday by a “parking lot near Wilbur Hall,” the Stanford Department of Public Safely said in its schoolwide alert.

 The victim “stated she was physically restrained (grabbed) and taken to a restroom where she was raped,” according to the statement.

At the time of the alert, the victim hadn’t spoken to police directly but rather to a “mandatory reporter, with the intent of sharing additional details with law enforcement.”

Stanford defines mandatory reporters as certain employees or people affiliated with the university, including contractors and volunteers, who have legal obligations to report specific crimes.

“The victim has indicated she does not want to speak with law enforcement at this time,” the Department of Public Safety said. “No further information about the restroom or where it was located was provided.”

It still wasn’t clear by Thursday morning whether the woman or the attacker are students, a Stanford spokeswoman said.



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