Circle of Unity for Men, Queensbridge Houses, Human Justice, Changing community norms

The Kings Korner Circle of Men Gathering at Queensbridge Houses

The Kings Korner Circle For Men’s, Circle of Unity Event

In a reminiscent glance back at a meaningful gathering, CCD hosted The Kings Korner Circle For Men, Circle of Unity event. This gathering was an empowering discussion, where we created a safe space for introspection on being a father, changing community norms, and envisioning the future of unity amongst men.

A Space for Empowerment:

The spirit of the Kings Korner revolved around creating a safe space where men could authentically connect, share their insights, and contribute to building a more robust and interconnected community. It was more than just an event; it was a platform where individuals could forge meaningful connections and contribute to their collective growth.

Highlights of the Gathering:

  • Being a Father: Participants engaged in a reflective conversation about the intricate responsibilities and joys of fatherhood. It was a celebration of the impact fathers have on families and communities.
  • Changing Community Norms: The discussion involved a deep dive into the role men play in shaping and redefining community norms, with an emphasis on fostering positive change.
  • The Future of Unity Amongst Men: A visionary exploration unfolded, with strategies and insights shared to foster enduring connections and collaborations that transcend individual boundaries.

Gratitude for a Vibrant Community:

As we reflect on this event, The Kings Korner Circle For Men expresses gratitude to everyone who contributed to the dialogue. The commitment to creating a safe, open space for dialogue, sharing, and growth remains at the heart of our mission.

In retrospect, this event stands as a testament to the transformative power of unity and shared experiences. The impact of these discussions will ripple through the community, leaving behind a legacy of connection, understanding, and empowerment.

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Gabriel Comrie