Beyond the Bars Conference, Atlanta-March 23-25 - Community Capacity Development

Beyond the Bars Conference, Atlanta March 23rd to 25th, 2023

Executive Director K. Bain was the host of this year’s edition of Beyond the Bars Conference, at Morehouse College in Atlanta. This is an annual, student driven, interdisciplinary conference on mass incarceration, gentrification, income inequality and how they have all impacted the southern cities that are home to leading institutions of higher education. Joining other community leaders and advocates, K. Bain spoke on the need for equity and how policies and programs must be implemented to support and strengthen southern communities and neighborhoods that the students call home. Present at the Conference are members of Columbia University National Executive Council, stakeholders and Leaders from Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership, The Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison and South Carolina Coalition for Higher Education in prison.


Gabriel Comrie