Celebrating Peace Week with CCD and K. bain

Celebrating Peace Week

Annually our city comes together to celebrate what has come to be known as Peace Week. This allows communities to come together to celebrate a culture of peace by performing activities and encourage positive actions for peaceful coexistence. It equally allows the community an opportunity to honor the life of Dr. Mathin Luther King Jr. for his remarkable legacy of non-violent struggle for freedom, equity and justice. CCD is inspired to be part of the evolution and success of the Peace week initiative and continuous celebration since inception. In 2014, our leadership joined other progressive city council members like Jumaane Williams, Fernado Cabrera, Annabel Palmer and others to draft a piece of
legislation to pass a resolution declaring January 15-22 nd each year as Peace week in the city of New York.
At this year’s celebration, we continue our commitment to the ideals of Human Justice to institutionalize a culture of peace by bringing together youth in the community for “a Vision of Peace” and “Paint to Heal” programs.
It was an exciting time!


Sunday B. Iwayemi