Community Engagement & Data - Queens NY

Community Engagement & Data – January 2023

Measuring the social impact of our Human Justice and Healing programs is important for us to evaluate effectiveness and highlight how positive change continue to infiltrate more communities that we serve and improve more lives. A track record of success like ours also help to ensure resources committed have the right social impact and encourage further investments in Human Justice and Community led public safety initiatives.


January 2023 

Staff Completed 58 Mediations (4 sites)  

446 Hours of Canvassing across the (4 sites)   

13 Interruptions completed by (OW) 

17 Interruptions completed by (VI) 

28 Interruptions completed by supervisor/program manager 

220 Participants (Total for 4 sites with QB having the most participants)/ Canarsie has 9 new potential participants 

66 Referrals (includes: -OSHA Training, Resume Building, Legal Assistance, Court Appearances, Job Placements, Trade school, mental health services, AAA) (Inclusive of all Sites) 


Monthly numbers and yearly numbers to compare impact and engagement   

Queensbridge 68 Consecutive days of NO shootings (date of last shooting 10/10/2022) 

Woodside 81 Consecutive days of NO shootings (11/5/2022) 

Astoria 12 days of NO shootings (date of last shooting was 1/19/2022) 

Canarsie 185 consecutive days of NO shootings (7/30/2022) 


Sunday B. Iwayemi