Community Engagement/Data March 2023

Human Justice Network continue to impact positively on the quality of life of people in systemically marginalized communities that we serve. The metrics for measuring the success of our violence intervention programs is not only in how we have helped to decrease community violence, but how we have raised the level of awareness in the community, and ensure resources get into the hands of those directly impacted by structural inequities. We work, interact and build our programs with these
community folks without dehumanizing them, treating them with respect as co-producers of public safety.


March 2023

Events /Meetings/Trainings
1. DMC helping the community Clothing Giveaway (Jamaica)
2. Yoga (2 sessions)
3. Peace Walk (Astoria)
4. Mass shooting press conference and shooting response
5. We are public safety
6. Rally for Najee (New Jersey)
7. Kings of Kings (Women event)
8. Charity basketball game (Long Island)
9. BIVO Shooting response
10. Queensboro Hall Women day event
11. Shop Talk (Astoria)
12. Through Our Eyes Strong Youth Event (Long Island)
13. Columbia University Tabling
14. Through the Bars Columbia University Panel K.Bain
15. Candle light Vigil (QB)
16. Women’s Day Brunch Build the block (114th precinct)
17. I.S. 232
18. Elmcor
19. 114 th Precinct Community Council meeting

Referrals/Resource Meetings
Attended Justice Beyond Punishment Meetings with Columbia University
-Assisted with Civic Engagement Commission project for the “People’s Money” grant to obtain
funding for our community in Queensbridge
-Created and revised several resumes and made 3 referrals for employment
-Assisted with AGVEP agendas and curricula for Summer Youth
-Revised our Partners Contact Excel Sheet
– 2 referrals to educational specialist
– 133 days with no shooting in catchments

– 10 mediations
– 120 canvassing hours
– # Of Conflicts Learned About – 3
– # Of Mediations – 10
– # Of Participants (OW's) – 25

– 2 Days of no shooting in Woodside
– Last shooting 03/31/2023
– 90 hours canvassing
– 8 Conflicts
– 4 Mediations
– 25 Participants
– 25 Referrals of employment
– 2 referrals for Legal Services
Highlights of the Month
TA Meeting @ CCD Office
Health & wellness Trainer for staff
15 Referrals (Legal Services/Court Appearances)

– 6 Days of no shooting in Astoria
– Last shooting 3/27/23
– 90 hours canvassing
– 5 Conflicts
– 3 Mediations
– 15 Participants
Highlights of the Month
Zoom call with public officials regarding public safety


Gabriel Comrie